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Lessons with Mike adams...

With a lesson from Mike Adams, the “Swing Dr.”, every student goes through a four- step evaluation and development system to determine and begin to construct their natural BioSwing Dynamics Swing.

  • Each student is evaluated with our revolutionary BioSwing Dynamics Test to determine their natural: Swing Plane (Shaft Plane, Right Arm Pane, or Shoulder Plane), Lower Body Action (One Post, Two Post or Lateral), Hip Speed, How their Right Arm works, Natural Set (hinge type; vertical, horizontal or diagonal), Ideal Setup ( Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position, Aim and Alignment), Dominant Power Source, and Range of motion.
  • Each student is video taped with high-speed video (300 to 1000 FPS with 1/20,0000 shutter speed), evaluated with Trackman III or FlightScope II to determine path, face angle and angle of attack of the club.
  • Once the student has been evaluated, then the process begins in transforming their swing. The initial phase are to identify the area that is preventing them from maximizing their effort Through drills and the utilization of a specially devised swing training apparatus we are able to bypass the conscious learning process, accelerating the students progress.
  • The final piece is designing a program to optimize their performance on the golf course. Playing better golf isn’t just swinging better. That is why Mike not only will make you hit the ball better, but he will teach you the short game strokes to shave shots from your score, he will also take you on the golf course to teach you how to manage yourself on the course to maximize your performance. The art of learning how to play your best golf regardless of how you are hitting it.